The Nosey Hobbit. A funny thing happened on the way to Weatherstock...


The Hobbit Collective sends out its seasoned social sleuth, Avellana Addlefoot, beyond the borders of her beloved Shire to cover the event of the year in Middle-earth: Weatherstock! And she almost made it...

So there I was, with my pack full of bread and jam, and a bottle of Blagrove’s Brown in a flask (courtesy of my dear Pumpkinella). I had made the long trek up to Weathertop hours before the festival, and looked around for a choice viewing spot.


I finally sat down next to a handsome Dwarf, making small talk until nightfall (he assured me that the postal service in Thorin’s Hall was the most efficient in Middle-earth) and writing down a poetic description of romantic Amon Sul.


And then I received some interesting news from a fellow hobbit who had recognized me. One thing led to another, and before I knew it I was heading back to Michel Delving, map in hand. Yes, dear readers, I am that easily distracted.

But all is not lost!

Before I rushed back down Weathertop, my gallant Dwarf agreed to take careful notes during the concert, and relay them to me immediately. His company didn’t pass through the Shire several days later, but I now have his notes on the table in front of me. The pages are ale-stained and burnt from the fireworks, and his scrawl is frankly unreadable at times. But I’m transcribing them as best I can. Never say that I’m not a dedicated reporter!


A Weathertop Evening

by B.

for Miss Hobbit Reporter

The Weathertop Music Festival, hosted by The Lonely Mountain Band, featured several talented musical groups in a two-part competition. First, each band had a chance to showcase their talents on the main stage.



Then a battle of bands ensued, with one band in each corner.

The Sons of Numenor:


The Hobbiton Philharmonic:


The Green Hill Music Society:



More bands! (Sorry, Miss Hobbit, I’m not good with names):

[Edit: This is the Eriador Music Society. Thanks, Rebecca!]


[Edit: This is Ingolemo’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Thanks, Rebecca!]


The main presenter was Harperella, who announced the bands and events:


Harperella was later joined by her co-host Galenswerd, to announce the winners:


I forget who the winners were.

The night was lively and no weapons were drawn, although some clumsy hobbit singed my beard with his contraband fireworks (not meaning a slight on your people, Miss Reporter).

At your service and your family’s!


That’s all I could decipher, unfortunately.

And what did the hobbit whisper in my ear that made me abandon this assignment? That, dear reader, will be revealed soon. The wait will be worthwhile!

I’ll do better next time!

Avellana Addlefoot, Nosey Hobbit


[A very special thank-you to my wonderful partner, who made his Dwarf trudge up that long hill to Weatherstock. My little laptop couldn’t handle the large number of people for long, and all the screenshots other than the two first ones are his.

Also, if I have gotten any details or band/character names wrong, please leave a comment, and I will correct the error(s). I’m also missing a couple of band names; if anyone knows them, please leave a comment as well]


Rebecca said...

I recognize a couple: the band after the "not good with names" comment is the Eriador Music Society, I believe, and the group after that is Ingolemo's Lonely Hearts Club Band (who won the Lonely Mountain Cup, one of the three prizes given out at the concert).

Bluella Bumblefoot said...

Thanks, Rebecca! I've added some edits.

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